Smart bandages will use 5G data and nano-sensors to help doctirs track a wound

Imagine a bandage that will report to a Doctor via 5G wireless on how well a wound being covered is healing. Swansea University in the U.K. will begin trials inside of the next year on this so-called smart bandage.

Building a better model of human-automation interaction

People generally make decisions using two ways of thinking: They think consciously, deliberate for a while, and try to use logic to figure out what action to take – referred to as analytical cognition.

Solar-powered device can pull water out of thin air, even in the desert

Scientists at MIT and the University of California, Berkeley have created a solar-powered device that can pull clean drinking water out of the air. The results could help transform people's lives in the developing world.

Could this edible, biodegradable water pouch replace plastic bottles?

Producing plastic water bottles isn’t cheap, and disposing of them can be difficult, especially as they won’t fully degrade on their own. But a London startup called Skipping Rocks may have a solution: Ooho, a water pouch that’s both biodegradable and edible.

The radical 'swimming bullets' you can fire through WATER

DSG Technology has developed a range of supercavitating ammunition that can effectively ‘swim’ longer distances to hit the target. They rely on cavitation effects to reduce drag.

Bixby Voice won’t be available on the Galaxy S8 when it launches in the US

Bad news for folks who pre-ordered a Galaxy S8 in the United States: Bixby Voice won’t be available until “later this spring.” Customers will, however, be able to take advantage of Bixby’s Vision, Home and Reminder functionality as soon as their handset arrives.

Google Fixes Chrome's Annoying Page Jumps In New Update

Page jumps, some of the biggest annoyances on the Chrome web browser have finally been given a fix by Google. In Chrome’s latest update, Google has added what’s called as scroll anchoring.

Review: Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Times are changing for headphone reviewers. For years, a review of any headphone with active noise canceling had to include two things: a discussion about how much worse the headphones sound with ANC activated, and the mandatory “while not as good as Bose…” caveat.

Graphene is the key to tougher flexible OLED displays

You can already find flexible displays in your phone or smartwatch, but there's a good reason you don't find them everywhere: the transparent electrodes in many OLED screens are too fragile to take a lot of abuse.

Hackers Can Steal Your Smartphone's PIN Via Built-In Motion Sensors

A team of researchers from the Newcastle University, UK, uncovered a new way an attacker could guess and steal smartphone users' PINs by taking advantage of all the motion sensors in modern smartphones.

LeEco calls off $2 billion acquisition of TV maker Vizio

Chinese electronics company LeEco is no longer buying Vizio, a leading manufacturer of televisions. Today the companies jointly announced that “the merger agreement to acquire Vizio will not proceed due to regulatory headwinds.”

Next Google Pixel Phone May Use Curved OLED Display

The smartphone world has gone rather crazy for OLED screens with curved edges thanks in part to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the new Galaxy S8 smartphones.

EBay folds Indian operation into local retailer Flipkart

Facing fierce competition from, eBay has sold its Indian operation to local retailer Flipkart, while joining Tencent and Microsoft in investing US$1.4 billion in the Indian company.

Google is developing a more robust 'personality' for its AI assistant

Last year, Google set out to make its AI assistant stand out from the rest by giving it a more well-rounded personality, that was supposed to help users engage with it in a more entertaining and compassionate way.

Adidas reveals the first 3D-printed shoe it’ll mass produce

Adidas has been playing around with 3D printing as a manufacturing method for a while now, but its latest sneaker — the Futurecraft 4D — might be its most ambitious creation yet.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS 20MP digital camera has 40x optical zoom

Those in the market for a dedicated digital camera have a new option: the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS. This compact camera brings with it some advanced features, such as hinged, tilting LCD display and 40x optical zoom, as well as 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and WiFi connectivity.

The coder who built Mastodon is 24, fiercely independent and doesn't care about money

Mastodon, that giant cartoon mammal that's been rampaging across the internet this week, is not the product of a Silicon Valley start-up. Instead, the social networking app that's been touted as a potential Twitter-killer is the brainchild of a 24-year-old recent college grad hellbent on disrupting the way we think about social networking.

3D-printed exhibit made from one 7 km-long strip of plastic

Zaha Hadid Architects' ethos has always been very forward-thinking, so it's no surprise that the firm is researching 3D-printing technology. With this in mind, it's unveiled a small 3D-printed experimental structure at this year's Milan Design Week.

LG G6 Review: The right phone at the wrong time

If the Galaxy S8 is a Ferrari 812 Superfast, the LG G6 is a BMW M760i. It’s sexy, but not as sexy. It’s fast, but not as fast. It can do a lot, but not as much.It’s almost a shame that the LG G6 is landing when it is.

WhatsApp will launch its first digital payments service in India

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in India, with over 200 million users — more than it has in any other market. And to capitalize on this, the company is reportedly planning to launch a digital payments service in the country some time in the coming months.