New “Super Fast” 3D Printer Extruder Created By Zesty Technology (video)

Those of you building your very own 3D printer or have already built one looking to upgrade the extruder might be interested in a new piece of hardware which has been developed by Zesty Technology.

New OnePlus 3T Smartphone With Snapdragon 821 In The Works

We have been hearing rumors about a new version of the OnePlus 3 and now it looks like the handset is called the OnePlus 3T. According to a recent report the new OnePlus 3T will come with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.

Oppo Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker: Oppo's first wireless speaker hits a high note

Oppo is making the same kind of splash in the wireless speaker market that it’s already done with disc players and headphones. In fact, you could call it a cannonball: The Sonica is one of the best-sounding wireless speakers in its price range.

Sweden has just made it a whole lot harder to fly camera drones

A recent ruling by Sweden's highest court has apparently made it a whole lot harder for people to fly camera drones there. The authorities have decided the machines are a kind of surveillance camera so a special permit will now be needed to fly them.

India's Reliance Jio is already the world's biggest data carrier

In less than two months since its commercial launch, India’s Reliance Jio is already seeing and handling more data traffic on its network than any other telecom operator in the world.

Battlefield 1 Review: Large-scale multiplayer, and then some

Battlefield 1 reinvents the tone of the series, retaining the awesome turbulence of war while emphasizing a human element. Battlefield 1 maintains an impressive balance between emotion and spectacle.

Toyota’s New Hydrogen Buses Are Heading to Tokyo

Toyota will start selling its clean air hydrogen bus, the Toyota Murai, starting in 2017. Fuel cell engines create clean water and don't emit greenhouse gases — but synthesising hydrogen for the engine does.

This Projector Has a Perfect Image on Any Screen

A team of researchers at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Tokyo designed a projector that can make the image work on absolutely any surface. This includes moving or waving surfaces.

Instagram prepping live video streaming feature?

According to a report out of Russia, it seems that Instagram is working on a feature that will allow users to stream and view live video from the app. Instagram would join other apps like Periscope, Facebook and Snapchat, all of which offer a similar feature.

Six futuristic designs that will change public transportation

As the world's urban centers grow, getting around them becomes increasingly difficult. In some cities, traffic is congested all day long and rush hour can last for several hours.

Huawei to launch Mate 9 Pro with 5.9-inch QHD display and Android 7.0 Nougat

Huawei is expected to launch not one, but two Mate 9 smartphones on November 3. Both will be available for purchase by the end of the year, but they will come with slightly different specs under the hood.

The LG V20 goes through scratch, bend, and burn test

YouTube's JerryRigEverything has put the new LG V20 through a scratch, bend, and burn torture test. We get to observe that the LG V20 comes with a pre-applied screen protector that was removed for the purposes of scratch testing.

Unusual quantum liquid on crystal surface could inspire future electronics

For the first time, an experiment has directly imaged electron orbits in a high-magnetic field, illuminating an unusual collective behavior in electrons and suggesting new ways of manipulating the charged particles.

Mass internet disruption caused by DDoS attack on DNS company Dyn, service now restored

A major cyberattack affected hundreds of websites today, including the New York Times, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, and eBay. The attack actually centered on Dyn, a New Hampshire-based company that offers a platform to optimize websites’ online performance.

Acer launches 24-inch 1440p Predator monitor with 165 Hz refresh rate

Acer has unleashed a new gaming-focused Predator monitor that packs an impressive spec sheet. The Predator XB241YU features not just a 2560 x 1440 resolution, but also a refresh rate that can be "overclocked" up to 165 Hz.

3-D printing and origami techniques combined in development of self-folding medical implants

Researchers at TU Delft have made flat surfaces that are 3-D printed and then 'taught' how to self- fold later. The materials are potentially very well suited for all kinds of medical implants.

Galaxy C9 Pro is Samsung’s first 6GB RAM smartphone

A new Samsung smartphone has surfaced and it is called the Galaxy C9 Pro. The device is the first from Samsung to pack in 6GB of RAM and it is a special edition just for the Chinese market.

ExoMars Lander Slammed Into Mars At Over 186 MPH

Europe's ExoMars lander's thrusters shut down prematurely, causing a free fall that was estimated to be between 1.2 to 2.5 miles (2 to 4 km). It was likely traveling more than 186 mph (300 km/h) when it impacted, with nearly a full tank.

Nougat update now rolling out to the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus in India

Just yesterday, Moto G4 Plus customers in Brazil started receiving soak test invites for Android 7.0 Nougat. Motorola is now announcing the official Nougat rollout to the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus in India, following which the update will be available to devices globally.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review

If you're looking for the perfect blend of power, style and adaptability, you'll find it hard not to love the Yoga 910. Lenovo's latest 2-in-1 still wows with its elegant watchband hinge, but it now offers a nearly-bezel-free 13.9-inch display that gives you more to look at without taking up extra space. E