Philips Hue now has a motion sensor that can turn on lights

Philips Hue has a new accessory that’ll make it even easier to automate the lighting in your home: a motion sensor. This is, of course, a very standard add-on for home lighting — which is what makes its addition to the Hue lineup so important.

Samsung 750 EVO SSD review: Like butter, but better

The new Samsung 750 EVO is only a slightly different beast than its predecessor, the 850 EVO, but the differences are all to the good. The most salient is the speed at which it reads and writes large files.

BlokDust is the most beautiful way to make music in your browser

Even though professional musicians often use tools like Logic or Ableton, there are a lot of ways to make music in your browser. From Google Music Lab to Incredibox, they all offer an accessible way of creating sounds.

Seagate Barracuda Pro 10TB hard drive review: Vast and amazingly fast (for a hard drive)

Seagate’s 3.5-inch, 7,200rpm, SATA 6Gbps Barracuda Pro not only delivers a stunning 10TB of storage, it laid down some rather astounding transfer rates: 240MBps in both directions of our 20GB copy tests.

Hi-tech arm can slither down a patient's throat and perform surgery

The flexible system is best suited for minimally invasive surgeries, and can slither down a patient’s throat to reach typically hard to access areas.

New Exoskeleton Allows You to Feel Inside VR

As the virtual reality industry continues to grow, there is a growing product market for technologies enhancing users’ experience. Seeing in a virtual reality world is no longer enough, but feeling like you are in the VR world is what consumers now want.

Xiaomi unveils Redmi Note 4 at an unbelievable price point

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi has announced the successor to its popular Redmi Note 3 smartphone. Aptly named the Redmi Note 4, the new handset packs a premium look at a price point that’s almost too good to be true.

Transcend JetDrive Go 300 Review – iOS Mobile Storage

There are a few long standing complaints about iOS devices and they are somewhat related. First is the high price of flash storage when buying larger capacity models and the second is the lack of expandable storage via secure digital cards or other digital media cards.

Google's data-saving Wi-Fi Assistant feature from Project Fi is coming to all Nexus devices

Good news if you’ve got a Nexus device and are looking to save on your mobile data: over the next few weeks, Google is making the Wi-Fi Assistant feature from its Project Fi wireless service available to all Nexus owners.

New technology tests smartphone batteries in just 4 minutes

One of the most important pieces of hardware inside a smartphone these days is the battery. Even though new technologies are discovered every year, batteries are still a disappointment for smartphone users, as you can rarely get more than 2 days of average use from most devices.

Fujifilm's new X-A3 is a selfie powerhouse

The X-A3 improves on its predecessor with a new 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, better autofocus, and a screen that flips up 180 degrees — that’s five degrees better than the X-A2, a camera that was already tailor-made for selfies.

Canon’s 5D Mark IV has built-in Wi-Fi and shoots 4K video

Canon today announced the 5D Mark IV, the fourth iteration of the company’s popular full-frame DSLR camera originally launched in 2005. It’s the first Canon DSLR to shoot 4K video, and it’s also the first 5D to come with Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen.

YouTube Reportedly Working On Backstage To Provide Social Features Like Text, Photo Posts

YouTube is reportedly developing a new feature that’s currently being called internally as Backstage. The new feature will allow users to share photos, text posts and polls to their subscribers.

Eight legged robot 'Octobot' is entirely soft and autonomous

Meet Octobot. The tiny octopus-inspired bot designed at Harvard University mimics the real life creature to get through cracks and tight places, making it ideal as a rescue robot.

HTC 10 review: The best Android phone you're not buying

The HTC 10 is a stellar smartphone from the company that brought you the aluminum unibody. Unfortunately, it's not quite the Perfect Ten its name implies – a reality reinforced by T-Mobile's decision to drop the phone from store shelves amid rumors of sluggish sales.

Indoor Plants Could Work As Cheap Air Filters For Offices

Finally, some recognition for all of your office gardening Certain types of houseplants are effective at removing indoor air pollutants, which could help small businesses find a green solution to air filtration systems.

The elusive Hasselblad Moto Z camera module allegedly spotted; looks a monster with 10X optical zoom

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are their modular capabilities. LG first brought this idea to the mainstream with its flagship G5 earlier this year.

Samsung “Veyron” flip phone leaks again with flagship-level specs

Samsung just launched the Galaxy Note 7, but it’s already preparing to launch another powerful Android phone. What’s next in the company’s lineup It might just be a flip phone with some impressively powerful hardware.

Guy Tries to Build a Mini Fridge With Rubber Bands and It Works

Rubber bands can become colder than room temperature through sheer mechanical force. Stretching one heats it up (duh) but letting it contract cools it below its starting temperature.

Solar sponge can soak up ambient sunlight and use it to boil water

MIT engineers have invented a sponge-like device, which can heat water to boiling temperatures, simply by soaking up sunlight. Most impressive of all, it’s constructible out of basic DIY materials.