Student designs skyscraper that 3D-prints custom apartments

A Malaysian graduate student has come up with a building frame that dispenses new apartments much like a vending machine does candy bars. Instead of buying a pre-existing apartment in a skyscraper, imagine designing one yourself and the building producing it out of thin air.

Biodegradable Circuitry Could Shrink the World's Growing Piles of E-Waste

Researchers in California report they have produced a lightweight and flexible semiconductor built on a base of cellulose, the main ingredient in plant fibers.

BlackBerry KEYone Review: With QWERTY comes compromise

The phoenix metaphor is overused in a tech world where brand recycling has become commonplace, so let’s just call the BlackBerry KEYone a QWERTY comeback. You’d be forgiven for dismissing it for not one but two reasons, after all.

This New Speech Synthesis Technology Can Fake Anyone’s Voice

With the rapid development in building human-like robots, the next foreseeable step in this artificial intelligence era is to match them with real-life voices. And that is exactly what this Montreal-based start-up has done by unveiling the world’s first speech synthesis technology that can replicate anyone’s voice.

Google fixed that scary Google Docs attack, but it can still happen again

Intrepid hackers on Wednesday initiated a highly sophisticated Google Docs phishing attack that spread like wildfire. Using Google’s own services, the hackers were able to trick users into clicking on what seemed like a valid Google Docs link.

Facebook launches Express Wi-Fi in India to bring rural areas online

After a failed effort to offer free internet access (with strings attached) to people in India, Facebook has now launched Express Wi-Fi, a service that lets users log on to Wi-Fi networks hosted by local partners, for a nominal fee.

Google Docs spam is making the rounds, so take heed before you read

Even attachments from legitimate sources appear to contain illegitimate vibes. Update After looking at a few of these and seeing investigations from others on Twitter, we have a clearer picture of what's happening.

Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 S users to rely on Edge and Bing by default

Microsoft unveiled its brand new Chrome OS challenger, Windows 10 S, at a special event in New York yesterday, but it turns out the company has a nasty surprise in store for early adopters.

YouTube's New Desktop Design Makes Site Faster, Cleaner, Offers Dark Theme For Night Owls

For YouTube’s 12th birthday, the platform is getting a redesigning its desktop design, making it faster and cleaner.  YouTube introduced the site’s “clean, simple design” Tuesday and is encouraging users to try the new look.

Microsoft's sleek Surface Laptop brings computing class to classrooms

Windows is taking aim at Chromebooks yet again, but with Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s leading the charge with a Google Chromebook Pixel-like ‘halo’ PC of its own: the 13.5-inch Surface Laptop.Yes that’s right, laptop.

'Major scale' malware targets your Mac through email scams

Mac users are increasingly being targeted by malware after years of being relatively safe, and that means they're facing attacks that other users have unfortunately come to expect for a while.

Chemists Turn CO2 to Solar Fuel and Clean Air With Artificial Photosynthesis

A chemist from Florida just found a way to trigger photosynthesis — the natural way plants convert carbon dioxide into fuel — in a synthetic material. This new process could simultaneously clean the air and produce energy.

John McAfee unveils his new "truly private" smartphone

Anti-virus pioneer and the most entertaining man in tech, John McAfee, has revealed plans to create the most secure smartphone ever manufactured. The device’s $1100 price will exceed that of the iPhone 8, but McAfee says it’ll offer an unparalleled level of protection.

Thin layers of water hold promise for the energy storage of the future

Researchers have found that a material which incorporates atomically thin layers of water is able to store and deliver energy much more quickly than the same material that doesn't include the water layers.

Chrome warns you when typing anything into non-secure sites

As part of Google's quest to compel all websites to use the more secure HTTPS protocol, Chrome 62 will flash more warnings when you visit HTTP sites. A few months ago, Chrome 56 (rightly) started labeling unencrypted sites as "not secure."

Google and Facebook scammed out of $100M in elaborate phishing attack

Back in March, reports surfaced that a cunning Lithuanian phishing artist had purportedly scammed two unnamed US tech giants out of the hefty sum of $100 million – as it turns out, the two unsuspecting victims were none other than Google and Facebook.

Master & Dynamic is teaming up with Leica to make some great-looking headphones

Master & Dynamic is known for its high-end headphones. Leica is known for its high-end cameras. Now, the two are coming together to collaborate on some limited-edition Master & Dynamic headphones with Leica-themed designs.

Coke is adding FIBRE to its drinks

'Coca-Cola Plus' has shipped in white bottles in Japan. The no-calorie beverage contains five grams (0.2oz) of indigestible dextrin - a source of dietary fibre - per 470ml bottle.

DARPA project will use tech to speed up human learning

It has long been the stuff of science fiction — the dream of enabling rapid human learning via microchips, machine-to-brain cables, or some other type of technology. DARPA, as with many of its mad science projects, is looking into making that dream a reality.

Google Pixel camera’s low-light abilities are stunning in new analysis

Google’s Pixel smartphone is notable for several reasons, not the least of which is its incredible low-light camera performance. We’ve seen the camera put to the test multiple times, but few analyses compare to the one recently completed by Google Research itself.